Temporary halt of the sales of the Elos Accurate® ScanBody22™

Temporary halt of the sales of the Elos Accurate® ScanBody22™

We would like to inform you about the temporary halt of sales of the Elos Accurate® ScanBody22™, which we were informed about today by Elos Medtech.

Elos writes about this:

" At the end of 2023 we released our new Elos Accurate® one-piece Titanium ScanBody22™ with its AccuScan® surface. However, following this initial launch phase customer feedback tells us that the requirements for handling and cleaning have proven to be a challenge for the users.

As we constantly aim for premium quality, we regret to inform you that, until further notice, we will temporarily halt the introduction of the ScanBody22™ while improving the use characteristics. The ScanBody22™ already placed in the market is safe to use. However, it is important, as always, to follow the IFU when using the ScanBody22™. We will offer you to return the ScanBody22™ in stock or to exchange for our premium PEEK scan body, which has been in the market for almost two decades.

We apologize for the inconvenience this action may cause you, yet upholding premium user experience is fundamental to Elos Medtech, even amidst challenging decisions. We want to express our appreciation for your continued support and feedback on our products. Your insights have been invaluable in helping us refine our offerings. We thank you for your understanding and look very much forward to coming back to you with an improved ScanBody22. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. "

We have removed the Elos Accurate® ScanBody22™ from our range until further notice. Customers who have purchased corresponding products in the past will be contacted by us directly.

As soon as we receive new information from Elos Medtech, we will contact you again immediately. Until then, we recommend the use of the previous PEEK scanbodies.

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