Reflecting back on five years of INFINIDENT Solutions

Reflecting back on five years of INFINIDENT Solutions

Hi, all!

Can you believe it’s been a whole five years since we initiated INFINIDENT Solutions? These past years have been equally challenging and exciting. Throughout these years, the INFINIDENT team kept perfecting our product offering to give you even more solutions and possibilities, and we’re not planning on stopping here.

What did we learn so far through this five year journey?

That we obviously have the best and most loyal customers. We are very grateful for that!
That even a pandemic can't bring us to our knees, but rather tightens the bonds with our customers, our team and partners.
That even if some things don't go as planned, everything will eventually fall into its place.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of the big INFINIDENT family! At INFINIDENT, we’re certain that our future — and our customers future — is bright.

Since the first version of INFINIDENT, our mission has been to bring you an effortless and joyful experience regardless of your CAD/CAM background. While the industry changes and new trends are born every day, we stand firm in our commitment to this mission. We want to make working with us, ourproducts and services, even more exciting and give you freedom and inspiration to create the best dental prosthetics— because without these efforts, the world just wouldn’t be the same.

It’s in our nature to experiment and always look for innovative new technologies, so stay tuned for another year full of surprises, exciting partnerships, and inspiring stories.

Best wishes, and keep on designing!
Thomas, Managing Director

Thank you!