Price adjustment and new shipping options for national and international express shipping

Price adjustment and new shipping options for national and international express shipping

valid from 01.06.2022

Dear customers,

Who would have thought that after two years of pandemic complications, further global political activities would now exert additional pressure on purchase prices and apparently also screw up the year 2022 for us?

As you may know, a significant factor in shipping costs in the logistics sector is the so-called fuel surcharge, which is added to the basic rate including the selected options by the logistics partner. This surcharge has recently risen dramatically due to the worldwide increase in crude oil prices and, in particular, the sometimes unfair price adjustments of the large mineral oil companies. It is difficult for us to escape this development.

Due to this development, DHL Express has now also implemented another price adjustment and also reorganised some of the international regions. So far, we have not passed on the annual price increases and the increased surcharges to our customers, or have not passed them on in full, thus ensuring stable prices and planning security. We want to continue to ensure this, but we cannot avoid adjusting our shipping prices to the current cost level.

The new prices will apply from 1 June 2022. Customer orders that have already been received by this date will of course receive our goods and services at the previous conditions.

The new shipping prices (net) apply as follows:

Germany (domestic):

Standard shipping: DHL Domestic Express 12:00 (delivery in Germany, next day delivery by 12:00):


Optional: DHL Domestic Express 9:00 (delivery in Germany, next day delivery by 9:00):


Newly added:

Optional: DHL Domestic Express (delivery in Germany, next day delivery; no time option):


Optional: DHL Domestic Express Saturday Option (Delivery in Germany, delivery on Saturday.):


This option can only be booked via the dental technology support.

International (Europe):

Standard shipping: DHL Express Worldwide (delivery abroad, next day delivery*):

from 10,00€*.

* It is possible that due to increased handling costs in some countries higher fees will be charged.
The shipping costs applicable to your country are displayed on a daily basis when you place your order. These are then binding for your order.

The shipping price continues to apply per order/shopping cart, i.e. a delivery can contain an unlimited number of products.

We would like to explicitly point out here again that the stated values are average values for which we continue to compensate the costs in part.
Should the situation regarding the fuel surcharge ease, we will reduce the prices accordingly.

We look forward to a continued good and successful cooperation and remain your reliable partner even in these times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our dental technology support.

With kind regards