Lab Model Q, FA & IMPLANT: New model versions at INFINIDENT

Lab Model Q, FA & IMPLANT: New model versions at INFINIDENT

Digital dental technology needs sound working models: to this end, INFINIDENT has been providing highly precise working models in the form of single tooth (Lab Model SLS) and full-jaw models (Lab Model SL) since 2009. Whereas these model versions, manufactured using stereolithography (SLA), were for the most part reserved for the users of Dentsply Sirona inLab software, INFINIDENT has now expanded its existing portfolio for all users with corresponding model software from e.g. exocad, 3Shape or inLab.

With immediate effect, dental laboratories can now order additional models with removable stumps (so-called "Geller models") as a quadrant model (Lab Model Q) or as full-jaw model (Lab Model FA). The stumps are segmented below the preparation boundary from the model and can be pressed out of the model base. Both models each consist of the upper jaw and lower jaw model.

Lab Model Q

Figure 1: Lab Model Q

Lab Model FA

Figure 2: Lab Model FA

In addition, models with implant analogues (Lab Model IMPLANT) can be implemented on the basis of the digital mould data directly from the STL data of the model software. Matching interfaces for articulator systems, e.g. 3Shape, iTero or Dentsply, are implemented according to the data supplied.


Figure 3: Lab Model IMPLANT

The model portfolio is rounded off by the ORTHO SL models for orthodontic applications, which have likewise been available since 2015. As models, these are available with palatinal or lingual sections, with or without base.

 Ortho SL

Figure 4: Ortho SL

All INFINIDENT models are produced on high performance printers in SLA or DLP processes, using acrylic resins.

Download material sheets for:

Lab Model SLS/SL
Lab Model Q/FA
Ortho SL

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