Mega promotion: Elos Accurate® starter kits for you!

Mega promotion: Elos Accurate® starter kits for you!

Together with Elos Medtech, we have organised a mega promotion for you to make it even easier for you to switch to Elos Accurate® products. But this is also an attractive opportunity for existing customers to further expand their portfolio of Elos products. To this end, we are now offering you two very attractive bundles: the Elos Accurate® Scanbody Starter Kit and the Elos Accurate® Printed Model Analogue (PMA) Starter Kit.

The IO Scan Body Starter Kit

The IO Scan Body Starter Kit contains

5 x Scan Body (IO-XX) of your choice
1 x screwdriver (SBD-M-1)

The recommended list price for individual orders is 408€. As a kit we offer you the whole thing for only 299€.
All prices plus shipping and applicable VAT.

The PMA Starter Kit

The PMA Starter Kit contains:

5 x PMA (PMA-XX) of your choice
1 x PMA mounting pliers (PMA-AIT-1)
1 x insertion pin (PMA-AIP-2 / contains 2)
1 x fixation screw (PMA-AIS-5 / contains 5)

The recommended list price for individual orders is 383€. As a kit we offer you the whole thing for only 299€.
All prices plus shipping and applicable VAT.

Advantages of the Elos Accurate® PMA for in-house printing

The Elos Accurate® Printed Model Analog (PMA) has been specially developed for 3D printing and offers numerous advantages that optimise the workflow in dental technology.

Here are just some of the outstanding benefits:

Precision and accuracy:
the PMAs are designed for maximum precision and accuracy, which is crucial for successful use in the dental field. This ensures accurately fitting models that significantly improve the quality of the end products.

Easy handling:
Thanks to the supplied PMA assembly pliers and insertion pin, handling the PMAs is particularly easy and efficient. This saves time and reduces potential sources of error during assembly.

The PMAs are compatible with common 3D printers and materials, which enables seamless integration into existing systems. This makes the switch to Elos Accurate® products particularly straightforward.

Cost efficiency:
The attractive starter kit offer not only makes it easier to start using PMAs, but also significantly more cost-efficient. Instead of buying the individual components at regular list prices, the kit offers considerable savings.

High-quality materials:
Elos Medtech is known for using high-quality materials that guarantee durability and reliability. This is also reflected in the PMAs, which are designed for a long service life.

What do you have to do?

Simply select the appropriate KIT when placing your order in the webshop - Elos Shop at and specify the implant systems you require for the IO scanbodies or the printed model analogues. We will do the rest for you! If you have any questions, you can contact our Zazhntechnik support team at any time on +496151-3961818 (also WhatsApp) or email

Terms and conditions

The Scanbody Starter Kit consists of 5 IO scanbodies of your choice and the matching screwdriver (SBD-M-1). The Printed Model Analogue Starter Kit consists of 5 PMA of your choice, the mounting screws (PMA-AIS-5), the mounting pliers (PMA-AIT-1) and the insertion pin (PMA-AIP-2). All prices exclude shipping and applicable VAT. A combination with other promotions as well as cash payment or retroactive crediting to orders already placed is not possible. The promotion is limited to 1 kit per customer. Offer valid until 31 December 2024.


The Elos Accurate® Starter Kits offer you an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality dental products at an unbeatable price. Whether you are a beginner or an existing customer - with these bundles you can efficiently expand your equipment and benefit from the many advantages of Elos Accurate® products. Take advantage of this mega promotion to optimise your dental workflow!

If you are interested or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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