New: Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body available directly from INFINIDENT

New: Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body available directly from INFINIDENT

As part of the comprehensive sales cooperation with Elos Medtech, INFINIDENT Solutions has been offering the Elos Accurate® Analog for printed models (PMA) since 2019. The laboratory can choose between the finished Elos Accurate® Model (i.e. printed model incl. analogue(s), insertion screw(s) and flexible gingival mask) or the analogue as an accessory for models printed in the dental laboratory. Customers benefit in particular from the expertise of INFINIDENT's dental technology support and fast delivery times.

From 1 October 2022, INFINIDENT Solutions will additionally expand its range to include the Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body for recording the implant position during intraoral scanning or from the plaster model.

Fig. 1: Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body

It does not matter which scanner is used as long as the scan data can be opened in the CAD software of 3shape, exocad or Dental Wings. The latest implant libraries required for further processing can be downloaded directly from the Elos Medtech website. Based on the imported scan, the desired implant model can then be designed from the I/O scan or the final restoration can be implemented using other Elos Medtech products. The Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body is compatible with many implant systems and can be obtained directly from the INFINIDENT webshop.

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